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May 2014

see you on The Next Chapter of My Life


As time goes by, everything will change. Houses, trees , different places and all things that surrounds me will fade. My life changes as I grew up. I experienced joy, grief , failures and exhaustion. My life is just simple like others but full of good and bad memories. As I get older, little by little I clearly understand and realizes what’s happening in my world. Some people are criticizing and judging me for the reasons that I never did.
There were strangers that came into my life by being such a nice person but afterwards, they were the ones who has bad motives and who will trick on me. I trusted them that’s my mistake.
I honestly thought they’re really true. I treated them as my friend but it never occur in my mind that they’ll turned me out into destruction.
It’s funny how people can do that to their fellow-creature. Could it be a big help in their lives? Spending time just to make other suffer?
But actually I’m glad they came because without them I will never know who the real people are. I will never know who are really there for me in my disgusting days and nights. Aside from my family, I’m glad I have a real friends and best friend. They are the reason why I’m still strong to face misery in my life. When someone’s trying to push me down, they will pull me up to stand up and be tough.
The day when I was so upset, my family are there to give me a hug and make me feel alive.
I realize that I’m so blessed to have them! 🙂


Another year has come and they…are still there.
Could this year will be better?
What more blessings will I get?
I have a simple but wonderful life, I have family and friends but do you know that there’s another person which one of the reason why I am not afraid to strive so hard and face trials? You wanna know?
Its God. Yes he is. I know that God is there whenever I was in a creepy experiences and moments. He may not be seen by our eyes but you can feel his presence. God is always there to guide and help us. So don’t be scared and feel alone. There is someone who is always watching you 🙂

I want to thank all people that came into my life. I am not lucky but so blessed to have you! 😀 Thanks for treating me right, for loving me, for making fun of me, for making unforgettable memories with me,for being cruel and heartless. I appreciated it.

After this year, will you still be there? Well if God wants…. See you on the Next Chapter of My Life

🙂 💖💕

#MyThoughts #Blessed 🙂


No. 356

Madstoffa's crunchy house!


Brain by _DJ_ via Creative Commons

My Splodge. By CpSingleton © 2014

Oh, funny splodge inside my skull,
How odd I hear thee buzz.
I of’en wonder at your ways and
Why it is ye does

The oddest things compared to some,
Who walk around and laugh.
They who have a Tarmac road
Whilst I have cobbled path.

I laugh no less than they, dear splodge,
Yet in a different way.
I see multicolours within
Their billowed clouds of grey.

Though, sometimes the world is slower
Than the way you let me see.
Making for a dizzy day:
‘T’is like swirling in the sea!

I use it to my advantage, splodge,
It helps me form a rhyme.
I may even cause a titter
In some folk from time to time.

One day soon, dearest splodge,
When my life is drawing weary.
I will have the perfect guide
To keep…

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Advantages of Reading Books

image When I was young I hate reading books.I hate fiction,novel and books about our world. The only book I always read are fairy tales. I love each characters in every fairy tales story but sometimes I don’t read it instead, I stared at every pictures that was there inside the book because it was too much attracted for me. I have a creative mind and I was imagining that I was also there after I read and look on that books. A few years past and I still hate to read books which is not needed in my studies. But there’s one book…A big book that change my hatred in numerous books. I was really inspired by that and it helps me  reading any books that was very interesting. It makes me realize that there’s an advantages in reading books even though it is not the book you usually use in school. Reading books can exercise your brain. It would be a big help when you’re in a school vacation. Books helps you to increase your intelligence. You will learn lots of terms and languages by reading all kinds of stuff,it helps you not to be too innocent in other aspects and things in our world and also…a big help to understand people. See? there’s a lot of advantages you will get through this. It will change the day after yesterday. Yah “yesterday” because it was just like

“Yesterday I hate books but now…I do love it.

Aside from that, reading books inspires me to write too. I think I started to write when I was 13 or 14 not sure but it’s true. I do write stories. I write because that’s one of the simplest way to express my feelings and decrease my depression. Other people write base on their experience but some of them only put a little part of their story there. That’s how books work! It leads you to be such a good reader,writer and helps you to build new imagination. Anyone can write too. You just need a paper and a pen. No, just kidding! Haha! You just need wide imagination and believe to your self that you can  write too 🙂 Trust me. Maybe right now writing doesn’t help you but someday all your works will bring you to a Blissful Life! 🙂 #MyThoughts

Journalists Share their Stories on

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sarah kendzior

With a publication list that includes Politico, Foreign Policy, and Slate, journalist and scholar Sarah Kendzior has established herself as a leading voice on politics and the economy.

Sarah has been using her blog as a hub where she updates her readers on her latest articles:

Because I write for a such a wide variety of publications, it’s great to have one place where I can list my…

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You’re it! Pt.1


Are you in love with the person right now you wanna spend your whole life with?

If yes..

Keep reading.

Did you know?
70% people meet who they’re going to marry at the age of 16.

Saw this somewhere. Dunno if it’s true or not.

Okay now..

Assuming that this is true. Imagine now how kind He is. Wow, Just wow. At the early age of 16 there’s a big possibility that you can now meet the person you gonna spend your whole life with. Now tell me that Life isn’t amazing. How great is our God right? Wow.. I keep on saying wow. Stahp jt its too much.

They say that being in love is the best feeling ever.. And also the worst.

The first time i heard that i was like “what? And also the worst? How come?”

and then i fell in love.

Now i can tell,

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What life is…





 Those are words that are happening to us.

Are you enjoying your life?

Are you tired?

Are you feeling like your life is useless and nonsense?

Well, No! stop thinking like that!

God has a purpose why we are experiencing persecution.

They say…

Life is easy. We are just the one who make our life set into hardship.                                                                                                                                                

I can agree with this. For example you have an exam and you need to study all your lessons but you can’t and you don’t like because the first thing that comes through your mind is “I can’t do it”

“It’s hard” am I right?

Try to think that “oh it’s easy!” “I can do it!” “Just concentrate”

Just try it guys! You’ll see…

Another example is that..

You need to find a job but you’re hesitating because you’re afraid to be rejected and you have less self-confidence.

‘Cmon guys.. “WE” are the ones who make our life miserable.

If you think you can’t do it, then give me reasons why? Don’t down yourself! so that no one can down you too.

SELF-ESTEEM is the very important thing you should have because if you don’t have that, what will happen to your life? Are you willing to stay in your house and let Destiny or Doom fix your life?

Life is also Unpredictable…

Sometimes it gives you happiness..

Sometimes it gives you sorrow..

You will experienced losing someone you love the most but you need to be strong. Don’t worry 🙂 everything is under control and just look up in the sky! Someone’s there to guide and help you 😉

God let that happened for some reasons. I don’t know what it is but someday… You’ll know it 🙂

Be strong. All you need to do is to prove to us that you can do the things you said previously that you can’t. Yes, we are the one who make our life suffer but remember that

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

So stand up and be a soldier. I know your matured enough to understand this well. And ah!!! another thing that you need to know….

Life are full of challenges and troubles but it will be easier if you put God first in your life 🙂

that’s all! just wanna share #Mythoughts

Am I a student, or a therapist?!

The Thesis Whisperer

Last year I published a post called “How I broke up with my supervisor” which detailed one student’s less than great experience of supervision. I got many emails after that post, some with really dreadful stories of neglect and bullying. I decided to publish some of them, with the authors’ permission, because I think they contain lessons for all of us, student and supervisor alike.

I posted one line from this email to Facebook and was amazed at the quick response and variation in thoughts, so I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in this story. Although the student invited me to edit the email post below, I decided to publish it verbatim. Finally, before you ask, I don’t know the names of either of the universities involved…

Hello Thesis Whisperer.

I have been thinking about writing to you for a while with my experience of flawed system…

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There is beauty in Simplicity

They say beauty is the first thing that we can see in a stranger before we get to know them. Isn’t it?

Yeah admit it guys! You really get attracted when you saw someone who is so adorable,gorgeous and stunning.

But look guys, what is she wearing? is she wearing make up?

Is she wearing some kind of clothes that will surely makes you atrracted because she’s wearing a clothes that some parts of her body which are not allowed to be seen by others are exposing in front of you?

For me it’s a crap!

I’m not saying this because I am criticizing people who are like that. I’m saying this because I want you to know what the real beauty is. I want you to widen your minds.

Beauty is not about wearing make up and wearing expensive clothes. Just wear simple. Be who you are. Boys pretty much like that. Yes they are attracted by beautiful woman but
they are much attracted by a simple girl that is not trying to attract other guys.

Beauty is not also about being simple in physical appearance…

It can also be seen by your heart.

Yeah its true!

When people saw that you are generous and sweet-hearted,they’re more likely to adore you.

Show to them that the real beauty is just being simple and having a good heart! 😉 Let them know that the real beauty is not literally can be seen in physical but it can be felt by the heart. Oh yah there are two types of being simple and that it is.


Sometimes people don’t see what the real beauty is. But I wrote this one because I want others to realize that there is beauty in simplicity.

You don’t need to be perfect,to wear like that just to hear other people says that your beautiful.

Just be simple. Be who you are. And lastly… Be contented on what God gave to you!

Very simple words but has knowledge.


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