They say beauty is the first thing that we can see in a stranger before we get to know them. Isn’t it?

Yeah admit it guys! You really get attracted when you saw someone who is so adorable,gorgeous and stunning.

But look guys, what is she wearing? is she wearing make up?

Is she wearing some kind of clothes that will surely makes you atrracted because she’s wearing a clothes that some parts of her body which are not allowed to be seen by others are exposing in front of you?

For me it’s a crap!

I’m not saying this because I am criticizing people who are like that. I’m saying this because I want you to know what the real beauty is. I want you to widen your minds.

Beauty is not about wearing make up and wearing expensive clothes. Just wear simple. Be who you are. Boys pretty much like that. Yes they are attracted by beautiful woman but
they are much attracted by a simple girl that is not trying to attract other guys.

Beauty is not also about being simple in physical appearance…

It can also be seen by your heart.

Yeah its true!

When people saw that you are generous and sweet-hearted,they’re more likely to adore you.

Show to them that the real beauty is just being simple and having a good heart! 😉 Let them know that the real beauty is not literally can be seen in physical but it can be felt by the heart. Oh yah there are two types of being simple and that it is.


Sometimes people don’t see what the real beauty is. But I wrote this one because I want others to realize that there is beauty in simplicity.

You don’t need to be perfect,to wear like that just to hear other people says that your beautiful.

Just be simple. Be who you are. And lastly… Be contented on what God gave to you!

Very simple words but has knowledge.