Those are words that are happening to us.

Are you enjoying your life?

Are you tired?

Are you feeling like your life is useless and nonsense?

Well, No! stop thinking like that!

God has a purpose why we are experiencing persecution.

They say…

Life is easy. We are just the one who make our life set into hardship.                                                                                                                                                

I can agree with this. For example you have an exam and you need to study all your lessons but you can’t and you don’t like because the first thing that comes through your mind is “I can’t do it”

“It’s hard” am I right?

Try to think that “oh it’s easy!” “I can do it!” “Just concentrate”

Just try it guys! You’ll see…

Another example is that..

You need to find a job but you’re hesitating because you’re afraid to be rejected and you have less self-confidence.

‘Cmon guys.. “WE” are the ones who make our life miserable.

If you think you can’t do it, then give me reasons why? Don’t down yourself! so that no one can down you too.

SELF-ESTEEM is the very important thing you should have because if you don’t have that, what will happen to your life? Are you willing to stay in your house and let Destiny or Doom fix your life?

Life is also Unpredictable…

Sometimes it gives you happiness..

Sometimes it gives you sorrow..

You will experienced losing someone you love the most but you need to be strong. Don’t worry 🙂 everything is under control and just look up in the sky! Someone’s there to guide and help you 😉

God let that happened for some reasons. I don’t know what it is but someday… You’ll know it 🙂

Be strong. All you need to do is to prove to us that you can do the things you said previously that you can’t. Yes, we are the one who make our life suffer but remember that

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

So stand up and be a soldier. I know your matured enough to understand this well. And ah!!! another thing that you need to know….

Life are full of challenges and troubles but it will be easier if you put God first in your life 🙂

that’s all! just wanna share #Mythoughts