Are you in love with the person right now you wanna spend your whole life with?

If yes..

Keep reading.

Did you know?
70% people meet who they’re going to marry at the age of 16.

Saw this somewhere. Dunno if it’s true or not.

Okay now..

Assuming that this is true. Imagine now how kind He is. Wow, Just wow. At the early age of 16 there’s a big possibility that you can now meet the person you gonna spend your whole life with. Now tell me that Life isn’t amazing. How great is our God right? Wow.. I keep on saying wow. Stahp jt its too much.

They say that being in love is the best feeling ever.. And also the worst.

The first time i heard that i was like “what? And also the worst? How come?”

and then i fell in love.

Now i can tell,

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