image When I was young I hate reading books.I hate fiction,novel and books about our world. The only book I always read are fairy tales. I love each characters in every fairy tales story but sometimes I don’t read it instead, I stared at every pictures that was there inside the book because it was too much attracted for me. I have a creative mind and I was imagining that I was also there after I read and look on that books. A few years past and I still hate to read books which is not needed in my studies. But there’s one book…A big book that change my hatred in numerous books. I was really inspired by that and it helps me  reading any books that was very interesting. It makes me realize that there’s an advantages in reading books even though it is not the book you usually use in school. Reading books can exercise your brain. It would be a big help when you’re in a school vacation. Books helps you to increase your intelligence. You will learn lots of terms and languages by reading all kinds of stuff,it helps you not to be too innocent in other aspects and things in our world and also…a big help to understand people. See? there’s a lot of advantages you will get through this. It will change the day after yesterday. Yah “yesterday” because it was just like

“Yesterday I hate books but now…I do love it.

Aside from that, reading books inspires me to write too. I think I started to write when I was 13 or 14 not sure but it’s true. I do write stories. I write because that’s one of the simplest way to express my feelings and decrease my depression. Other people write base on their experience but some of them only put a little part of their story there. That’s how books work! It leads you to be such a good reader,writer and helps you to build new imagination. Anyone can write too. You just need a paper and a pen. No, just kidding! Haha! You just need wide imagination and believe to your self that you can  write too 🙂 Trust me. Maybe right now writing doesn’t help you but someday all your works will bring you to a Blissful Life! 🙂 #MyThoughts