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Brain by _DJ_ via Creative Commons

My Splodge. By CpSingleton © 2014

Oh, funny splodge inside my skull,
How odd I hear thee buzz.
I of’en wonder at your ways and
Why it is ye does

The oddest things compared to some,
Who walk around and laugh.
They who have a Tarmac road
Whilst I have cobbled path.

I laugh no less than they, dear splodge,
Yet in a different way.
I see multicolours within
Their billowed clouds of grey.

Though, sometimes the world is slower
Than the way you let me see.
Making for a dizzy day:
‘T’is like swirling in the sea!

I use it to my advantage, splodge,
It helps me form a rhyme.
I may even cause a titter
In some folk from time to time.

One day soon, dearest splodge,
When my life is drawing weary.
I will have the perfect guide
To keep…

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