As time goes by, everything will change. Houses, trees , different places and all things that surrounds me will fade. My life changes as I grew up. I experienced joy, grief , failures and exhaustion. My life is just simple like others but full of good and bad memories. As I get older, little by little I clearly understand and realizes what’s happening in my world. Some people are criticizing and judging me for the reasons that I never did.
There were strangers that came into my life by being such a nice person but afterwards, they were the ones who has bad motives and who will trick on me. I trusted them that’s my mistake.
I honestly thought they’re really true. I treated them as my friend but it never occur in my mind that they’ll turned me out into destruction.
It’s funny how people can do that to their fellow-creature. Could it be a big help in their lives? Spending time just to make other suffer?
But actually I’m glad they came because without them I will never know who the real people are. I will never know who are really there for me in my disgusting days and nights. Aside from my family, I’m glad I have a real friends and best friend. They are the reason why I’m still strong to face misery in my life. When someone’s trying to push me down, they will pull me up to stand up and be tough.
The day when I was so upset, my family are there to give me a hug and make me feel alive.
I realize that I’m so blessed to have them! πŸ™‚


Another year has come and they…are still there.
Could this year will be better?
What more blessings will I get?
I have a simple but wonderful life, I have family and friends but do you know that there’s another person which one of the reason why I am not afraid to strive so hard and face trials? You wanna know?
Its God. Yes he is. I know that God is there whenever I was in a creepy experiences and moments. He may not be seen by our eyes but you can feel his presence. God is always there to guide and help us. So don’t be scared and feel alone. There is someone who is always watching you πŸ™‚

I want to thank all people that came into my life. I am not lucky but so blessed to have you! πŸ˜€ Thanks for treating me right, for loving me, for making fun of me, for making unforgettable memories with me,for being cruel and heartless. I appreciated it.

After this year, will you still be there? Well if God wants…. See you on the Next Chapter of My Life

πŸ™‚ 💖💕

#MyThoughts #Blessed πŸ™‚