I know numerous people were very familiar with this love team so called ALDub from Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.

Ever wonder why It became so popular and stunning in the viewers?

Maybe because it was like Cinderella’s story and the way they act on screen. But sometimes it’s not just acting, I think their gestures, expressions and feelings were REAL.

Alden Richards, the other half of ALDub, a great actor and host, supposedly just a guest host in the noon time show Eat Bulaga but it happens that they got a new Talent (talent- a new artist if ever you’re wondering) that suddenly distracted by Alden while she’s doing dubsmash on air. Maine Mendoza, other half of ALDub, also called as Yaya Dub and the Queen of Dubsmash has a crush with Alden. So there’s a part of the show that Maine should look Masungit or Suplada but she accidentally smiled when the camera in studio focused on Alden’s face. And that starts their Love team ‘coz like me, maybe Dabarkads also sees that there’s a Kilig Factor. 😂😄

Their accidental love team has been tracked until now not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

It has been discussed in Social Media most especially in Twitter and gained million tweets because they’ve been pulling out the stress of many people and it teaches us how to wait for the #TamangPanahon. Also, it let us realized that we can’t get all things easily. You should work hard for the things you want to be “yours” .

Last time, 10-24-15 , Eat Bulaga and Kalye Serye casts, invited fifty-five thousand people in Phillippine Arena. They sell tickets for the #ALDubTamangPanahon (the right time for Alden and Maine) and the money they’ll earned for this event will be go through the “ALDub Library Project”.
You see? They also help others.

Dabarkads not only gave us happiness but also gives hope for children. 🙂

I’m so glad that I also witnessed this kind of show. It was the most entertaining noon time show for me. Hope you are too. 😁😜

#somuchlove #happiness