You have a heart, my friend.



If there’s a group of heroes who protect the world from the bad guys and call themselves as

“The Avengers”, there’s this group of guys who actually protect themselves from being hurt by these girls’boyfiesbecause they love their chicks to death.. and stalk them to death also. So they call themselves “DiAbangers”

Abangersare those people who stupidly wait for these girls to be single. They’re those people who likes theirInstagramposts and dislike it right away just to like it again and so on to flood that girl’s notifications.. what else,uhm..Spazzingem’ ‘like’ buttons on Facebook and frequently checks their twitter account just to see if there’s new tweet and stalks their twitter like afreakin’ agent from the FBI who searches every tweet they tweeted from the very beginning of times.

On the other side, these are those people who don’t have the guts to speak up and just say what…

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