I remember the first day we met
I never knew we would click with each other
We’ve been together since high school
We’ve talked about a lot of stuff,
Been shared long dramas between our lives
Hanging out like we’re dating but seriously it’s not a date.
Those days will stay as a memory for us that we can’t turn back even if we wish to.

You’ve met new people, and so do I.
We discovered new friends and it doesn’t affect my closeness with you.
But You…
You’ve changed a lot
I thought everything was fine.
I wonder how could you replaced me
For just new acquaintance
You forgot that you have me.
Yeah, you forgot the person who’s always there for you
In good times and bad times.
Oh, I remember you approached me,
Then I laughed…
‘Cause I realized,
I only exist when you need something.
I realized, you didn’t treasure our friendship.
Maybe this was ought to happen
That we should drift apart
And find a new circle
And find the right place
To reminisce and perceive the value of something that you just simply keep from falling.

For you, my friend.
Hope that you won’t do the same thing you did to me with your new buddies.
Thank you and Goodbye.