Undefine feelings

Full of thoughts that I couldn’t say

For there is fear inside my heart

That no one could ever listen.

I was like a mystery box

full of bright colors outside

and everyone’s trying to see the inside

if it is different or not

but it was locked

Nobody knows where to find the key

I never try to find it

Because I know it’s in your hands

I never try because I wanted to keep inside of it the moments that we had

‘Cause those moments are better left untold and will be just a memory

You put me in this place

Where I can smile, show happiness

but breaking inside the darkness.

I lose strength

Strength to believe in myself 

that I can stand up again in the road I should be walking to

Tears falling down my face 

but you didn’t see ‘coz you’re looking at someone else

Suddenly I was recovered and conscious

Realizing. Who are you to hurt me? You’re not worth crying for.