Let’s face the fact that we can’t escape to feel sad or emotionally in pain. People often undergo in this situation if something bad happens from their day to day living.

Read what are some tips that can help you not to feel sad or feel sorry about yourself.

5. Avoid stupid people in your life!


Surrounded by stupid people can increase the level of your sadness especially when you communicate with them every day and talks about their life or other people’s story. Sometimes we didn’t noticed that we adopt the way they act and on how they pass their problems to you. Yes you wouldn’t know that while they’re sharing their sad story, you tend to apply it with your life and that’s what makes you feel more sad. Additionally, you may not know how they act behind your back.

4. Read inspirational books


Read books! Of course you should choose what books can help to relieve sadness. According to a study, reading can melt away stress. It can keep you calm and relax but try to find inspiring books or stories which helps you to be optimistic.

3. Hang out with your TRUE friends.

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Hanging out with your friends can help you to forget your problems. Take time to travel or go somewhere that is peaceful and/or you’ll enjoy. You might take a look from beautiful scenery, take photos and feel the fresh air!

2. Avoid sharing your problems with other people.


Sometimes sharing your problems doesn’t help a lot. Instead it makes it even worse than you didn’t expect. For example, you have a problem with your family and you’ve shared it with somebody and then he/she accidentally spill it out with someone you don’t actually like and that caused your story to spread from everyone. Well yeah, we don’t want it to happen right? So if you can’t stop sharing your problem, please know the person you should trust. Or maybe just right it down with a piece of paper to lessen your grief.
1. Stay connected with your Family and our God.

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In times that you think everyone left you, always remember that your family will never left you no matter what! They are the right person you should trust to share the pain you feel inside. Also, know that God is there to guide us. So whenever you feel that your life is such a trash, just have faith in God and be strong! Moreover, stay positive that nothing worse will happen.